2NTOgust, even when responder is a passed hand.
Unnecessary jump shift up to Splinter LevelSplinter, agreeing partner's trump suit and showing a small singleton or void. Splinters are normally game-forcing, but if two of them were available then the lower is merely invitational, e.g. 1C 1S 3D/4D are both splinters, since 1C 1S 2D would have been a reverse.
3NTTo play
4NTBlackwood, even if partner's suit's a minor
Any raiseTo play, possibly pre-emptive. It's never Minorwood.
New suit bidForcing, unless the opponents have intervened or unless opener's Weak Two was in third seat after two passes.
Jump shift to Blackwood LevelExclusion Blackwood
Jump shift to Grand-Hunting LevelComplete two-suiter. If the partnership had previously bid more than one suit and so there's ambiguity about which suits are being promised, then the other one is the first-bid suit of the player who just jumped.


  • Shows sound opening values and a good suit, following the principle of "overcall the opponents' weak bids with good hands and their good bids with weak hands". 2NT overcall shows the same hand as a 1NT overcall.

  • Doubletake-out up to 4H
    Suit overcallnatural, with sound opening values and a good suit
    2NTNatural, 15-17. Responses use nearly the same system as that after a 2NT opening.
    Jump to 3 of a majorSolid, self-supporting six-card suit, e.g. AKQJxx.
    3-level cue bidinviting partner to say 3NT if they have something in the opponents' suit
    Jump to 3NTTo play, but unbalanced, e.g. a long minor.
    4-level cue bid"Leaping Michaels", 5-5 shape, either minors or majors
    4 of a minor"Leaping Michaels", 5-5 with a major
    4NT over four-level pre-emptany two-suiter, with two places to play
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