passto play
No-trumpschunky opening values, natural and (if below game) game-invitational. If 3NT, to play. However see below...
No-trumps from a passed hand, if partner's suits aren't both knownpass-or-correct.
Raising partner's conventional cue-bid of the opposition's suitPass-or-correct if partner's suits aren't known and no-trumps was unavailable or inconvenient as a pass-or-correct bid. Otherwise a strong forcing bid and, at the three level, a probe for 3NT. If repeated or can't have its normal meaning because partner has declined opportunities on previous rounds of bidding to take such an option, becomes natural and to play.
any other non-jump bidto play
a suit partner definitely has, at any levelto play
a suit partner might have, at any level, if partner's suits aren't both knownPass-or-correct if it's the lower of the two possible options and responder hasn't bypassed any opportunity to make a pass-or-correct bid. (Once a pass-or-correct bid has been made, further bids are also pass-or-correct and there's no ambiguity. An artificial pass-or-correct bid only needs to be made once in any auction.) Otherwise natural and to play.
jump in a suit partner doesn't havesplinter, promising a trump fit in one of partner's suits, no way yet of knowing which. Slam try.
4NTTwo-Suited Blackwood, unless overridden by another meaning (e.g. pass-or-correct)
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