PassNORMAL AND EXPECTED, even if this means not supporting partner in a competitive auction. Partner's expecting you to have support anyway. A takeout double is a "say it once and shut up" bid that surrenders all responsibility for further competitive decisions to partner. However you should of course respond to direct questions, e.g. Minorwood, Blackwood, a "choose a suit" cue bid.
No-trumpsNatural and too strong for an immediate no-trump overcall, i.e. 18-20 (ish).
No-trumps from a passed handA 5-5 hand with the wrong suits for either Michaels or the Unusual No-Trump.
New suit17+ points, no longer promising takeout shape.
New suit from a passed handFlawed takeout double, showing a 5-card suit and a second suit that partner can usually infer from the auction. Doubled to increase the chances of finding a fit with partner, able to correct to long suit if necessary because you've already denied a 17-count by passing earlier.
Jump shift17+ points with a massive 6-card or longer suit.
Cue-bid in opponents' most recently bid suitGame-forcing, could be any shape. If at the three level, partner will assume it's a probe for 3NT (unless the auction later makes this interpretation impossible).
Raise to four of a minorMinorwood.
Raise to gameTo play.
Jump to 4NTRKC Blackwood
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