• This table shows the meaning of a redouble after various sequences. NOTE: SOS redoubles are rare and only apply under very specific circumstances; if in doubt, it's not SOS. A redouble of a penalty double of no-trumps is always for blood.

  • Partner opened the bidding and the opponents doubledFor blood and to play, showing a desire to double the opponents for penalties should they try to run. This is true whatever partner opened, be it a suit, a pre-empt, a no-trump, a game-forcing bid or anything else. If partner opened one of a suit, the redouble shows 10+ points and is quite likely to be a misfit.
    Any no-trump bid from partner, be it opening, overcall or responseFor blood, as above.
    Lead-directing double of most conventional bids, e.g. Stayman or a 2D auctionfor blood, as above, if early enough in the auction that the redoubler might really have that suit. If that's clearly impossible, then it's treated as as the equivalent of a doubled cue bid (see below).
    Double of cue bidfurther cue bid in that suit, so by implication pass would deny a control
    Double of Blackwood or other cue-card asking bidROPI, i.e. 0 or 3 key cards
    Any non-silly game contract, i.e. not a cue bid or the likenatural, to play
    Your own 1-3 suit overcall + penalty dble, partner silentSOS, for rescue, shows a second suit somewhere
    1NT (dble) your own suit bid that got doubled, partner silentSOS, might have bid a short suit
    Partner passes your opening 1 suit and the opponents doublemonster hand, 20+ points or so
    Partner passes your opening 1NT and the opponents doublemaximum, fancies his chances
    Opener redoubles after the opponents doubled partner's suit responseDenying even partial support for partner's suit, following the usual principle of redouble being the more penalty-oriented hand. Thus shows either a singleton or doubleton, but mustn't have a void because partner might gamble to play in the redoubled contract. Says nothing about strength, since the partnership is known to have at least game-going values.
    Redouble after the opponents have doubled partner's suit overcalla useful hand with partial support for partner's suit, e.g. Hx. It's a bit like a support double, which we don't generally play.
    Your side made a takeout double that was dutifully taken out and now the opponents are doubling you for penaltiesA much better hand than would have been assumed from the auction, letting partner know that the opponents are taking the piss. If the other side runs, you might even start doubling them.
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