• The 1C opening showed (a) balanced 12-14 with 2-4 cards in each major and 2-3 diamonds, mustn't rebid clubs, (b) 15-17 unbalanced with 5+ clubs, will rebid clubs, (c) any 18+

  • 1D(a) 0-8 negative, denying a major if in the upper range (7-8), (b) 9-11 unbalanced, denying a major, (c) 12-16 balanced, denying a major and unsuitable for declaring no-trumps.
    1 of a major7+, 4+ cards.
    1NT9-11 balanced, no 4-card major.
    2 of a minor5-card suit, game-forcing
    2 of a majorStrong jump shift, semi-solid suit and slam interest.
    2NT12+, game-forcing, denying a major.
    3 of a minorGood 6-card suit, invitational (9-11).
    3 of a major7-card suit with two high honours, nothing outside.


  • Exactly as normal.

  • Any bid in the pass-out seatA king weaker than when bid directly.
    DoubleOne of two hand types. DEFAULT ASSUMPTION: take-out, opening strength, support for unbid suits. This is a "say it once and shut up" bid that thereafter leaves all competitive decisions to partner and the doubler is not expected to bid again unless partner finds a bid that asks them to do so. To do so shows extreme strength (17+) and previous assumptions about shape no longer apply. NOTE: this bid promises proper opening values (i.e. you'd been going to open the bidding if the opponents had passed) AND support for the unbid suits. Opening a 4441 10-count "because the shape is perfect" is a violation of all that is good and will cause cancer in kittens.
    Suit overcall5-card suit, strength depends on vulnerability and level
    Jump suit overcallWeak Two, 6-10 and a 6-card suit
    Suit jump in the pass-out seat10-14 actual points (i.e. no transferred king), 6+ trumps, denies a four-card major side-suit, like a fourth-seat 2H opening.
    Suit jump in spades in the pass-out seat8-12 (i.e. no transferred king), 6+ trumps, denies four hearts, like a fourth-seat 2S opening.
    Greater jump suit overcallPre-emptive
    1NT from a passed hand (protective)Stretching with a good eleven-count and the usual transferred-king principle.
    1NT from a passed hand (non-protective)5-5 shape and a distribution that can't be shown with either Unusual 2NT or Michaels, e.g. the black suits after a diamond opening. If there's no such unshowable distribution (i.e. after a major opening), it's the LOWER of the two Michaels options, i.e. (1S) passed-hand-1NT would show clubs+hearts.
    1NTNormal 1NT overcall, treating the 1C opening as noise. Doesn't need to worry too much about the club suit, since the 1C opener isn't promising one.
    2C cue bidNatural club overcall. This remains true even if the opponents are playing a natural system and their 1C actually shows clubs. Our 2C overcall retains the same meaning irrespective of that.
    2D over one of a minorMichaels, 5-5 in the majors
    2NT5-5 in the lowest two unbid suits, Unusual 2NT
    Jump to 3-level cue bidasking partner to bid 3NT if they have a stopper in this suit
    Jump to 3NTTo play, long running minor.
    4NTAcol 4NT, asking for specific aces
    5NTasking for specific kings
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