• The Polish 1C opening could be one of three hand types, only one of which is specifically club-oriented. It's most likely to be a weak 1NT. There's thus no need to defend aggressively against it, as one would against a Precision Club, so we'll be bidding exactly as normal against Polish Club bidders.

  • 1C(a) balanced 12-14 with no 5-card major and denying a diamond suit, mustn't rebid clubs, (b) 15-17 unbalanced with 5+ clubs, will rebid clubs, (c) any 18+
    1D12-17, 4+ diamonds with possible canape (longer clubs)
    1 of a major12-17, 5+ cards
    1NT15-17 balanced
    2CPrecision: 11-14 with 5 clubs and a 4-card major, or 6 clubs
    2D6-11, Weak Two in either major (limited Multi)
    2H6-11, 5-5 in hearts and another
    2S6-11, 5-5 in spades and a minor
    2NT6-11, 5-5 in minors
    Higher suit bidspre-emptive
    3NTGambling 3NT
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