• A bid in the pass-out seat is a king weaker than when bid directly, so responder has to be a king stronger.

  • No-trumpsto play
    Any raiseto play and possibly pre-emptive, unless Minorwood
    Cue bid of the opposition's last-bid denominationUnassuming Cue Bid, promising a solid raise, but only if opponent's bid can be expected normally to contain 3+ cards and/or has been supported by their partner. This overrides the "probe for 3NT" meaning, which doesn't apply as a direct response to partner's overcall.
    Cue bid of any other denominationnatural, showing a good suit there despite the fact that the opposition had previously bid it.
    Jump cue bidsplinter, again not a "probe for 3NT".
    New suitforcing if the next hand passed
    Jump shiftfit-jump, forcing. Shows trump support with a side-suit, at least 5-4, ostensibly not strong enough for game but might also be a stronger hand that's interested in a higher contract and is planning to keep bidding.
    1NTNatural and invitational, expected to be a useful intermediate hand or equivalent. Might also be stronger and downgrading for shortage in partner's suit.
    2NTNatural and invitational, showing values appropriate for what's expected from partner's bid at the position and vulnerability.
    Jump to 2NTNatural and invitational, showing a solid opening hand with further valuable features, e.g. either a useful holding in partner's suit or additional high-card strength.
    2NT over a weak jump overcallOgust
    Unnecessary jump shift up to Splinter LevelSplinter, agreeing partner's trump suit and showing a small singleton or void. Splinters are normally game-forcing, but if two of them were available then the lower is merely invitational, e.g. 1C 1S 3D/4D are both splinters, since 1C 1S 2D would have been a reverse.
    4NTRKC Blackwood
    Jump shift to Blackwood LevelExclusion Blackwood
    Jump shift to Grand-Hunting LevelComplete two-suiter. If the partnership had previously bid more than one suit and so there's ambiguity about which suits are being promised, then the other one is the first-bid suit of the player who just jumped.
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