• There are very few situations where a pass from either partner is forcing.

  • The opponents redoubled our takeout doubleNOT forcing, although it's easy to get this wrong in the heat of the moment. Nevertheless it's imperative that responder basically bids as they'd been going to in any case, indicating to partner that a pass really is a penalty pass, wanting to defend the redoubled contract.
    We've voluntarily bid a game, i.e. we weren't pushed there, and yet the opponents have bid on over it anywayThis is a forcing pass situation. The assumption is that if we're voluntarily choosing to play in game, we shouldn't be letting the other side play their own game undoubled. Thus a pass from the next hand in the partnership to bid in this situation is a mild invitation to partner to bid on, while a double is a strong request to shut up and take the money. IMPORTANT: it's possible very occasionally for a freak hand to come along that breaks this principle! Judgement is always required.
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