• This table isn't describing the meaning of a response to partner's bidding, but instead the meaning of an overcall of the given bid from the opposition!

  • suit opening, if promising at least one card in the suitSuit bids promise a good suit, not a point count. However a two-level opening needs to have significantly more playing strength, especially if vulnerable (when it should indicate an opening hand with a robust suit that's proof against bad luck).
    The opponents have bid two suitsNot that different from the situation when they've only bid one, except that cue bids are natural and to play since all 5-5 hands can be assumed to be biddable with an Unusual 2NT.
    Double from the oppositionPass promises partial support for partner's suit, while redouble denies even partial support but guarantees that the partnership has lots of points. Otherwise bids mean what they would have meant anyway.
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