• NOTE: we don't allow "I have both majors" 4m responses for the sake of consistency with other, similar-looking, Stayman auctions in which responder might be getting ready to bid Minorwood. Here as it happens we know they're not going to, but we've kept things simple anyway in the name of trying to make the system easier to remember. Besides, a hand with both majors can always bid a quiet 3D to find out more information, then reveal their shape to partner on the following round.

  • Pass after overcallmight be passing for penalties, hoping for a reopening takeout double from partner
    Pass after doubleShows a non-horrible four-card suit, willing to play in the doubled conventional bid if partner has trumps too.
    RedoubleShows a good five-card suit, or alternatively if that's impossible given the earlier bidding then an outstandingly good four-card suit (at least AKQx).
    Diamonds"what's your 5-card major?"
    Heartsfour hearts
    Spadesfour spades, denying four hearts
    No Trumpsto play, denying the majors.
    Copyright 2015 Finn Clark.