OPENER'S REBID AFTER 2D (DOUBLE) 2NT (game-forcing 4441)

3DHighly suitable hand for slam, with a suitable trump suit (as yet undisclosed) and few wasted values in diamonds. Partner will relay with 3H and then opener will show their chosen trump suit.
3 of another suitNatural with at least a few points in diamonds, because of the failure to bid 3D.
3NTto play, with a good diamond holding.
4D4333 hand with poor diamonds, asking partner to bid a major-suit game of their choice on a seven-card fit. (Partner will probably bid hearts if in doubt, because they'll be able to run to spades if doubled.) It won't be a lovely contract, but it'll be better than 3NT.

OPENER'S REBID AFTER 2D (DOUBLE) 2NT (game-forcing 4441) 3D (slam-going) 3H ("what's trumps?")

3NTclubs, asking partner to bid Minorwood
4Cclubs, taking control and bidding Minorwood for himself
4Hhearts, asking partner to bid Blackwood
4NTBlackwood in hearts. Had opener's suit been spades, he'd have agreed them immediately with a forcing 3S instead of leaping straight to 4NT.
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