• A "positive" is 8+ points, or (if not balanced) an ace and a king.
  • A biddable suit on the first round is at least Qxxxx, or any six-card suit.
  • System remains on after a double, albeit slightly tweaked, but is turned off after an overcall. There's not as much to turn off as there is after strong balanced openings, though.

  • Pass after doubleShows a non-horrible four-card suit, willing to play in the doubled conventional bid if partner has trumps too.
    RedoubleTo play, good five-card suit, but partner's allowed to take it out if unsuitable.
    2DEither negative or unbalanced without a biddable suit.
    2H, 2S, 3C, 3DPositive, biddable suit.
    Suit from 3H to 4D, or 3C after a doublePositive values, auto-splinter showing a three-suited hand, usually 4441 or conceivably 5440 and burying the five-card suit.
    Unnecessary jump shiftCompletely solid suit, playable in a grand slam opposite a void.
    2NT8-11, balanced.
    3NT12+, balanced and slam-forcing.
    4NTStone Age Blackwood, for aces.
    DoubleTake-out, giving partner the opportunity to pass for penalties if wanted. Neither shows nor denies positive values. To double and then pull partner's response is game-forcing and natural (only showing a four-card suit) up to 3NT, but above that, a slam try and agreeing the suit that partner bid.
    Cue bid after overcallTake-out. Shows a control, positive values and slam interest.
    New suit after overcallNatural, game-forcing but no longer promising a positive or a suit that would have previously been regarded as biddable. It must however contain at least five cards.
    Jump shift after overcallIf four of a minor or 4NT, it's ace-asking. Otherwise it's to play and possibly pre-emptive.


  • All such bids are to be assumed to be weak and pre-emptive, so a reply from partner is non-forcing.

  • Doublethe majors
    Suit (any level)Natural
    minimum club bidclubs and a major
    minimum diamond biddiamonds and a major
    No-trumps (any level)the minors
    Jump to 3NTto play, with a long minor
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